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About Us

Time is the most precious thing that we have and 1 hour is ’60 minutes’ for everyone on the planet. Our purpose is to bring value to our community through premium products, services and knowledge to empower them to make better choices to live their best life, everyday, in optimum health. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that Sehaty brings the latest in scientific research, vetted products and up to the second information to empower our community to get the most out of each day.

Brand Statement

Live in optimum health and make your mark! Sehaty in Busmaty

Our Founder

Our founder, Dr Obaid Al Ketbi (Dr O), has devoted his life to finding ways to improve his stamina and clarity, reduce stress, increase energy and improve his life experience every second of the day. Having a career that has taken him from intensive military service to global ambassadorships, to sitting on many Government Boards while also upholding high-level Government positions, his mental and physical stamina has been paramount to his success. His personal devotion to helping others through the sharing of knowledge and personal experience has laid the foundation for the Sehaty brand. In the Sehaty collection of brands find the Dr O stamp of approval on any product that he has brought to the GCC from a global partner. This endorsement means that Dr O is personally using this product as part of his health regime and has personally vetted the company.

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