I am very pleased to introduce you to our Australian Manuka honey. We have personally selected this honey for its superior quality, and environmentally friendly production and processes in addition to company ethics and standards. As with any brand we choose, our chairman has personally visited and vetted both the company and its owner.

 Our Manuka includes the certification to proven to be the highest quality and because it is genuine Manuka honey certifications. On the back of every jar of honey that we sell, there is a QR code. That code will tell you the provenance of each jar of honey, and the code will trace the honey back to the hive. 

Gather By (our Australian Partner) is also a founding member of the Australian Manuka Honey Association AMHA. The AMHA logo is a mark of authenticity to provide consumer confidence. The AMHA has a Scientific Advisory Committee to ensure that the highest standards of Australian Manuka honey are maintained across the country. AMHA also have very clear, robust, scientifically proven, international guidelines that benchmark and define the criteria to identify genuine and authentic Australian Manuka honey. As members of this association, our honey is certified and guaranteed to be genuine and authentic Australian Manuka honey. They also know that NZ is a country where producers tend to "cream" their honey. This means that the NZ honey is runny and smooth to begin with, however the honey is put through a "creaming" process to make their honey thicker. NZ like to make their honey in this thicker way. At Gather By Australia, we do not cream our honey because they prefer our honey to be smooth and clear. This is the honey’s most natural form, and they think it tastes better and has a more appealing consistency.  

We have a range from 100 MGO to 1050+ MGO, which 500MGO and below can be used for daily use while 500MGO and Above can be used for medicinal use. In addition to the line currently available, by June 2021 we will be releasing the world’s Highest Rated (official) MGO manuka to select clients, and we would be very honoured to give you the first option, as we will have a limited supply, but we will be able to guarantee continual production amount for the next 5 years. There has also been a lot of independent scientific research that has been done for Manuka honey, that shows its benefits we have listed a few below. 

Common Benefits of Manuka Honey                      

  1. Immunity Booster
  2. Gut Health
  3. Strep/Sore Throats
  4. Staph/MRSA/Infections
  5. Acne/Skin Care
  6. Oral Health
  7. Wounds/Burns
  8. Everyday Wellness Use